Exotic Male Dancing Advice

What to tell Exotic Dancing Customers about Your Current Situation

During your time working at the strip club you will be asked, repeatedly, by different customers if you are single or available.  What you reply is a common topic of conversation for many dancers, as some believe that if the customers think they have a chance with you that they will be more inclined to spend more money on you.  While other, often more seasoned, girls will argue it will not… Continue reading

Keeping What’s Your’s In Your Possession

This is a quick rant and a reminder to always lock your belongings up at work and don’t trust people even if you have known them for years.  I just witnessed a co-worker I’ve known for a year and worked with her off and on, become a thief in the last 4 weeks that I’ve worked with her.  She stole another girls purse towards the end of the night on…Continue reading

Alcohol and Work Performance

This is a topic we’ve covered in the E-Book “Make More Money at the Gentlemen’s Club” but I feel the need to touch on it again here as it is something to keep in mind at all times.  Drinking on the job is sometimes a HUGE no-no at most jobs, but in a club atmosphere it is sometimes expected or perhaps acceptable, at least to a certain degree.  But… Continue reading

Excerpt from “How to Make Money at the male strip Club”

Yesterday we took a look at a bit of Chapter 6 in section 2 titled, “How to Lead the Customer to a Sale”.   Today we look at a portion of Chapter 1 Section 3, “Saving Your Money”.

Do you find that you are short money all the time even though you go home with lots of it every night after work?  Do you struggle to pay your bills on time… Continue reading

Excerpt from “How to Make Money at the exotic male dancer Club”

Yesterday we took a look at a bit of Chapter 3, “Why Customers Choose Certain Girls”.   Today we look at a portion of Chapter 6, “How to Lead the Customer to a Sale”.

After you have made your introduction to a prospective customer and have built a certain level of trust, you now must focus on guiding the customer to spending their hard earned money. Depending

Continue reading

Excert From Our Hot Selling E-Book “How to Make Money at the strip Club!”

This week only, we are running brief excerts from our E-Book titled “Hot to Make Money at the Gentlemen’s Club.”  Also this week we will be offering the ebook for only $19.97, a savings of over $30 from the full retail price.  Thi offer ends Saturday, April 19 at midnite.  If you like what you read, please consider ordering the entire book as it is packed full of knowledge that… Continue reading

Site Changes

As you may have noticed we are doing some minor upgrades and changes to the site.  Please bare with us as we experiment and change things up a bit.

Josh and Chandra…

Dancers and Dogs: How Well They Go Together

Alot of dancers you see that travel by themselves have dogs. Why? Some girls have dogs for protection, others for companionship. I myself had a dog that was a great companion. Being on the road by myself all the time was lonely and kind of made me stir-crazy. I will admit, when I first got my dog, it was alot of work to get her to understand the rules of the hotels… Continue reading

All Tattooed Up and Ready to Dance!

Got a tattoo?  Maybe you want a tattoo, or have 3 and are already planning your next 6 tats.  Everyone has their own opinion on the subject and some may prefer not to mark their body, but in this profession of Exotic Dancing, the majority of girls dancing have at least one tat.  Does this affect your earning potential?  Is it possible to have too many tattoos in this line of… Continue reading

What You Always Wanted to Know About Stripping, But Didn’t Know Who to Ask!

Have you ever wondered how some girls pull in so much cash every night?  That’s a question many girls ask themselves every night when they go home with a couple hundred dollars and another one goes home with $700.  There is not a simple, single answer to this question.  In fact, what that one girl does from before she walks into the club until the minute she leaves the door…